Changing Workspace Strategies Post-Covid

By Nancy Sharma

The pandemic has made it even more important for managers and leaders to focus on their employees’ health. To retain and allure talent employers are providing additional healthcare benefits that also include mental health (a new trend post-pandemic).

Mumbai Post Covid

By Jyoti Singh

Before Covid-19 life of a layman was very different, then what it has become now. people who are living in villages and small towns have different lifestyle as compared to metropolitan cities. Majority of population lives in cities, because they have jobs over there.

What People are Actually Looking in Office Spaces

By Nancy Sharma

In the post pandemic world, the expectations from the workplace have dramatically transformed. It is important for business managers to keep in mind what kind of ambience their employees find the most comfortable. It is even more important to know the correlation between productivity and creativity, and different workspace designs

Real Estate Outlook for 2021

By Santula Bishnoi

2020 was a rocky year for real estate. However, with half of the year gone, 2021 is looking more promising looking forward. However, significant questions remain regarding work-from-home, urbanisation, corporate sustainability efforts etc.