Are High Rise Buildings Still a Hype Building

By Deepak Thakur

Delhi, over the years, has turn into more of a resale market, with hardly new developments barring builder floors. This has further added to the interest in high-rise condominium living, a lifestyle that potential buyers are trying to find while they're able to pay a further price.

Top Office Designs for the New Era

By Ruchi Misra

all the vintage brass-and-leather accents and the silk rug created by Gambrel make a splash against the white cabinets.

Trends Shaping NCR's Office Market in Future

By Vineet Kaushik

NCR has about 9.0 million square feet of the latest supply planned to be developed over the subsequent five years. 70% of the upcoming supply is in Gurugram's micro-markets like golf links Extension Road and Sohna Road. NOIDA accounts for less than 30% of the forthcoming collection, primarily focused at NOIDA Expressway.

Types of Leases in Hospitality Business

By Pravesh Asati

Given the cyclical nature of the hospitality business, the correct lease type will ensure that an investor is well protected during the market down cycles and seeing high margins during market boom cycles.