How to Manage Relationships with Landlords

By Deepak Thakur

Landowner inhabitant relationship resembles different types of connections which needs comprehension to be applied on the two sides. If not, errors and dilemmas between the two gatherings will be made until the relationship becomes sustainable.

How to Improve Office Space Utilization

By Nitin Kumar

Organizations should be worried about the transportation choices accessible for the workspace area. It's great to have office space in a place where the representatives can reach with no trouble.

Delhi Master Plan for 2041

By Nancy Sharma

The emphasis on improving reasonable rental lodging to help the traveler populace is one more feature of MPD. Reasonable rental lodging stock is a stage in gathering the public authority's "lodging for all" goal.

Before Signing and Finalizing those Lease Papers

By Kunal Sawhney

A working cost statement allows your landowner to recuperate ordinary cash-based expenses of running a structure. That ought to be everything it does. Working costs recorded in your bill ought to relate straightforwardly to benefits you acquire under the rent.