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IMPACTR connects the affiliates to multiple verified properties, brands and companies working at global level. The platform extends all essential requirements regarding software and analytics leading to a decrease in operating cost and an increase in efficiency.

IMPACTR, delivers business advantage through technology. Our affiliates witness a constructive increase in the number of leads and in addition to the efficient and cost effective measures undertaken they ultimately discern the expansion of lead- to-deal conversion rate.


IMPACTR broaden the opportunities with providing number of alternative properties for the companies and the brands to select the workspace which satisfy their requirements cost effectively and at a wider geographical range.

The properties undergo a multiple level of verification procedure to attain a workspace free from any further complications. The IMPACTR platform through a cutting edge data science tracks the requirement through the large resources of properties available and consequently ventures to strike the finest deals and expedites the process, leading to reduced Human Resource cost and time taken.


The owner of a commercial real estate witnesses the  property extending its reach to a whole new level. IMPACTR assists the property owners by giving maximum visibility to their spaces and hence increasing the probability of conversions.

Automation and use of technology  powers the business decision of the the real estate property owner. IMPACTR helps to connect the owners with the brand or company and  reduces time spent on filtering deals which fulfills their requirements at the right time thereby augmenting its value.