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Importance of Our Platform

Manage your Real Estate Business

Increase lead-to-deal conversion rates

Connect with Largest affiliate network


Lead Management System

Managing the leads nimbly and efficiently.

Inventory Management System

Acknowledge the availability and get connected accurately.

Ecosystem Collaboration System

Enlarge your network and get connected with the right people at the right time.

Analytics and Improvement System

Understand, Improve and upgrade your approach for advanced results.

Make impactful investments with intelligent reality

Lead Management System

Discover the importance of managing the leads and learn to categorize them according to the requirements. Nurture the leads and make pavement towards the sales funnel.
Feature 1
Feature 2

Inventory Management System

Centralize all inventory details and get informed of the right availability and aid your inventory to reach masses. 

Ecosystem Collaboration System

IMPACTR exposes you to the finest area specific experts who assist you to handshake with the best deals according to your requirement.

Feature 6

Analytics & Improvement System

Analyze the strategies, execution and the achievements which leads to improving the performance wherever required.   

Join IMPACTR ecosystem and boost your commercial leasing business